What Can We Do for Animals During Winter?

stray dogs in winter


If you remember, the hardest snowfall of recent years took place this winter, along with many other provinces around the world, and it literally paralyzed life. You must have all watched the news of people who were ravaged by the cold even though they were in their cars on the highway in these adverse harsh weather conditions. The air temperature dropped to drastically in certain places and the snow height reached almost 1 meter.

If we had such a hard time living in big cities when we had so many opportunities,what should stray animals who are left on the streets and trying to live in difficult conditions can do to survive?

The pets we take care of in our house can spend this cold season comfortably in a warm environment and with plenty of loving owners thus, the streets are full of stray animals, please let’s not turn a blind eye to this.

So what can we do for these animals in situations like this?

  • Instead of throwing home-made and inedible food in the trash, you can put it in plastic containers and give it to stray animals.
  • If there is stale bread waiting at home for a while, you can chop it into broth or chicken broth, and in this way, you can saturate the stray animals.
  • Although it is not the best quality pet food, you can help the animals around you by ordering a medium quality dry food.

Because with a few small changes we will create, maybe we will be able to ensure the survival of these animals. Now we would like to convey to you what can be done in the form of a few items.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to own every stray animal, but at least we can build cat/dog houses out of cardboard or wood, or we can give some support to volunteer instagram/facebook pages that work on this particulary subject. We would like to share with you some practical nest building images we found;

Cut the mouth of 20 LT water cans in an inclined way, and place a cushion/cover/pillow/blanket if you can use it. It is both waterproof and practical. If you want, you can support the inside with two layers of styrofoam cardboard or felt. In this way, they can have a house where they can rest their heads and take shelter, albeit for a while.

For animals that have difficulty finding food when the weather is cold, do not forget to put a bowl of food in front of your door and high-energy dishes such as rice/pasta. If you do not have time to do this, there are dozens of pages that regularly do this for you and work only with the support of their followers. You can help them with a certain amount of food.

Note: You can add a few drops of oil to prevent the water from freezing. It is not possible to leave only food and water and enter the house. Please show them some compassion and show your love. Because stray animals can be so lonely that a little love you show can cause great happiness for them.

If you see a sick animal on the streets in this weather, please don’t turn your back. Because right now is when he needs you the most. Supporting the care of a small pup or an injured stray animal will both make you very happy and give this animal a new chance to live. There are sections of municipalities that provide free veterinary services. You can even become a temporary home if you have the opportunity. After that, of course, you can get used to it and love it.

It is possible to make your neighbors aware as well. Not only you where you live, but also the people around you can take action to support these animals. Remember, each cup of food can save a life from the cold. Take advantage of your opportunities with the motto of unity is strength.

Pay attention to the hood of cars before you set off. It’s up to you to save the lives of kittins that get into the engine to warm up. Unfortunately, this is why so many unwanted accidents happen every year.

If you are individually understaffed, contact shelters and set up an emergency call for animals in need of rescue. There are a lot of shelters in Turkey and you only need to call them with one button to help you.

Also, don’t forget the birds in the streets. You can put a bowl of water and food that birds can consume in front of your windows. As the most practical food, you can boil a handful of bulgur and put it in front of your windows.

We wish everyone healthy days in the winter months, street animals are a fact that we cannot ignore and we must accept, please be sensitive in this regard.


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