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Pet-Portrait Products Our
pet-designed products with flower rings are waiting for you, dear animal lovers, on the Pet Canvas page. So, in which products can we order these beautiful designs? If you’re wondering, let’s answer right away.

Our blanket models, canvas painting models or mug models are carefully prepared by our experienced graphic artists, who are experts in their work, on the Pet Canvas page with their beautiful varieties. You will also enjoy using our special order products that carry the cutest aspects of your pets. We are very happy to design it for you, and you will be very happy when you receive the product you ordered!

You can choose for yourself and your loved ones among our flower-ringed design models that you will enjoy with their vibrant colors and quality texture. Who could refuse a blanket with the face of your pet with flower rings to cover you during the winter months? In addition, our animal portrait canvas paintings with flower rings, prepared by digital printing on 100% cotton canvas, have also become a favorite of cat lovers! Imagine, a fluffy cat in lavender! Or a sweet dog smiling at you through a bunch of tulips!

We invite you to our internet or instagram page to have pet-designed blanket models, which use the photos of your paw friends and are specially designed and produced, with the privilege and guarantee of Pet Canvas. On our page, you can see all examples of orders prepared for our previous customers. We are working hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction!
Animal Portrait Canvas with Flower Ring
If you would like to see your pet friends in designs with beautiful leaves and flowers in heavenly backdrops instead of seeing them in Renaissance costumes, then this collection is for you! You can choose our flower ring canvas paintings of magnolias, roses, azaleas, sunflowers and many more!
Animal Blankets
with Flower Rings Our blankets with animal portraits with flower rings or canvas models are waiting for you animal lovers on our website with their most beautiful designs. Our products, which hundreds of people prefer to give each other as gifts, and which hundreds of people are waiting for, are prepared by using domestic and national production in Turkey, with the guarantee of making that person happy!

While warming your body with personalized animal blanket models that will impress you with their different flower colors and soft silky texture, the pleasure of hugging your pawed friend will warm your soul.

If you are wondering what the flower ring design is; Let us describe it to you.

We are preparing magnificent designs for you by designing your cute furry friend among sunflowers or in a rose wreath. We have compiled the most colorful flower designs with the most beautiful patterns for your favorite friendly animals on our page. If you are asking how to make Flower Ringed Designs, we are preparing these special portrait designs that we have prepared for you, together with our graphic artists, using the special digital printing method. If you like and approve the design, we send it to our printing team immediately. Visit our page to see many more options and flower designs in different colors and to order.
How Are Floral Ring Animal Blankets Designed?
We prepare pet-patterned flower-ringed blanket models designs according to your wishes by using the photo of your pet that you have sent.
Printing Process of Animal Portrait Products
with Flower Rings Just like in canvas painting orders, blankets with flower rings are applied to the flower ring design, which is specially prepared for the person before the printing process. After you approve the design, it is printed to be prepared either as a floral ring fleece blanket or as a floral ring canvas painting.

After the printing phase is completed, we pack your personalized product carefully and securely in order to avoid any damage during the shipping process and send it to the address you provided with the cargo service. After we deliver your order to the cargo, we send you the cargo tracking number given to us. In this way, you have the opportunity to follow the status of your order.
Each of our products (canvas painting, fleece blanket, beach towel, mug, watch, phone case) on our Custom Design
Page, which we design and produce with love, is prepared as a personalized design and delivered to their owners.

Each design you will make among the alternatives in line with your wishes and choices is carefully prepared by our graphic artists. Our graphic artists take care to design the most beautiful floral ring designs and keep our collections up-to-date to suit every taste and character.

After your order is placed, we prepare the flower ring portrait design that you have ordered within a short period of time, such as about one working day, and present it to your liking for your approval. If you approve, it is forwarded to the printing stage. Although the printing and preparation process of each product varies, the cargo process is started to be prepared and delivered to your address in an average of two working days for canvas paintings and three or four working days for polar blankets with flower rings. If you like the products specially prepared for you and enjoy using them, each of our personalized designs is just for you!
The Most Affectionate State of the Gift
If you want to give the sweetest gift to your animal-loving friends and create an unforgettable smile on their faces, you are in the right place.

As Pet Canvas, we take the most beautiful photos of your cute puppies with wet noses and print them on the products you have chosen with digital printing method, with our teammates who love their job and make an effort to make you, dear animal lovers, happy.

With personalized designs, you can also enjoy making your loved ones happy on special occasions or in daily life and gifting them designs featuring their favorite pets as much as they are. If you want to make someone who has recently lost their cat, dog or any pet friend happy with the most naive and pleasant gift, our specially designed animal portrait products will be appropriate.

Sometimes you can make your loved ones feel special and happy with an animal blanket with a floral ring design or canvas paintings with little pawed friends.

As the Pet Canvas family, we are waiting for you on our page for the sweetest gift and more.
Personalized Flower Ringed Portrait Product Prices For our
personalized flower ring blanket prices, you can request a special offer by sending a message to us at or our instagram/ Pet_Canvas page, or you can make your order by choosing the most suitable samples that fit you and reflect your style. .
Your Paw Friend Is Always With You
If you want to feel your favorite furry friends by your side at all times, high-quality and flamboyant personalized blankets and canvas painting models that you can take wherever you go are just for you.

You will love the very useful and high quality flower ring animal blanket models with their structure that will keep both you and your body warm. In addition, you can decorate the walls of your home decoratively by ordering the fleece blanket you ordered as a canvas painting.

Each product that you choose and whose design is prepared for you using special digital printing methods is meticulously prepared in line with your demands. You can also feel more special with animal design models with flower rings, which are specially designed for the person.

Your orders, prepared by our experienced team members who are experts in their business, are made in a short time and fast shipping is made to your address with careful and protected packaging.

Choose Pet Canvas to make you feel special too!