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Pet Fleece Blanket Models and Prices | Pet Canvas
Soft fleece blankets, which are one of the sine qua non of the winter months, found in almost everyone’s home and loved by them, are now much warmer and just as cute thanks to Pet Canvas.

As Pet Canvas, we have specially designed and produced pet-patterned fleece blanket models using 3D printing technology, with designs that will warm your heart, and our valuable animal lovers are waiting for you on our internet and instagram page. You are welcome to our page for dozens of different special portrait designed fleece blankets with summer patterns, fruit patterns and solid colors. With a completely custom design with three-dimensional 3D printing technology!

We take the sweetest forms of your lovely friends, who are the only naughty children of your home and even the cutest stress balls, and we make special prints for you on fleece blankets that wrap your body with their warm texture and are produced using quality materials. If you wish, you can choose the size of a single blanket or the larger size of our blanket for two people. We can add a portrait of your pet or more animal faces in the same blanket design!

With pet-patterned fleece blankets, you will spend the coldest nights of the winter months warmly, and you will also feel warm when your cute baby hugs you. If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, we think it is one of the best options.
Pet Fleece Blanket Models
Pet fleece blanket models are specially designed and produced for you, so you can request them to be designed in any model you want. While ordering a fleece blanket, you can also order a pillow.

We print the naughty son or daughter of your house on any floor and color pattern you can think of, using 3D digital printing system, on fleece blankets that we think you will like and present them to your liking. If you approve, we ship your soft textured blanket to your home with free shipping!

More of the pet-printed fleece blanket models, which we have designed sometimes by using plain colors and sometimes by placing them in the rose garden, are waiting for you on our website.

Imagine the same costume style design you created when ordering a canvas painting, on a fleece blanket!

You dream it, we design it!
Pet Patterned Blankets Warming
up with pet patterned fleece blankets has never been so enjoyable. We take the most beautiful form of your puppies with mischievous paws, which are indispensable in our home, and print them on fleece blankets that you can hug with pleasure using a 3D printing system. It is also worth remembering that it is printed on one side.

We lovingly design and manufacture long-lasting fleece blankets for you with our experienced team, who are experts in their work by using the latest technology and quality materials.

In which concept you want to see cute faces, just let us know. the next? All you have to do is hug your warm and sweet fleece blanket.

If you wish, you can choose these heart-warming personalized fleece blankets with animal portraits to make your loved ones happy and to create a smile on their faces. Thanks to the cute blankets, you can make your friends smile and spend their winter nights warm. You can have one of our fleece blankets, which is perfect for couples who want to spend a rainy or snowy winter evening at home watching TV series!
Pet Fleece Blanket Printing Process
If you are wondering about the printing process of pet-patterned fleece blankets, you should first select the fleece blanket category from the all products section on our website.

Then you should choose the floor model that reflects you and appeals to you and click on it. When you click inside the fleece blanket with the background pattern you have chosen, you should make your choice among our single or double options, which we offer you on the first line of the page that appears.

As the second step, you should choose the number of animals that will be included in the product. We can use portraits of 3 pets.

As a last step, you should upload the photos of your pawed friend or, if more than one, your friends to the area we want from you. Try to upload as many high-resolution, close-up photos as possible.

the next? The rest belongs to Pet Canvas! Your product will come out of printing and enter the cutting and sewing workshop in an average of 3-4 working days. At the end, your polar blanket, which is designed completely for you and made portrait work on the photo you upload, will be shipped to your address with free shipping.
Personalized Design
Each product we prepare as a personalized design is prepared in a way that will appeal to you only in line with your wishes. Each design is carefully made by our graphic artists, who are experts in their work, with a great deal of effort and meticulousness.

You will not want to leave your portrait designed fleece blankets with you in your home or in every area you want to warm up, and on which your cute pawed friend is on. With our difference not only in A4 size, but also in three-dimensional and 3D printing that covers the entire fleece blanket!

You can place your order right away by choosing the background you imagine for the pet-patterned fleece blankets that you want to have personalized and uploading the desired photo of your cute puppy to our system.
The Most Pawed State
of the Gift The animal-patterned fleece blankets with the sweetest form of your pet, which will keep you warm with its soft texture, are waiting for you on our page. Pet Canvas comes to mind when it comes to a fleece blanket with a special portrait design.

Both your body and your soul will always be warm with personalized fleece blankets that we can design and produce in any color and pattern you desire. Along with the portrait design of your cat, dog, bird or rabbit!

If you are looking for a gift that you want to be creative and fun to make your loved ones happy on special occasions or in daily life, we can say that the pet-patterned fleece blankets that we produce are exactly the gift you are looking for. Our most popular product among our products that we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction is the fleece blanket.

One of the most special and beautiful gifts you can give to your animal lover friend, specially designed fleece blankets with their pet are waiting for you, dear animal lovers, on our page in their most magnificent form.
Personalized Pet Fleece Blanket Prices
For our personalized pet-patterned fleece blanket prices, you can request a special offer by sending a message to us at or our instagram/Pet_Canvas page, or by choosing the most suitable samples that suit you and reflect your style, and immediately . You can create your order.
Your Paw Friend Is Always With You
Thanks to the pet-printed fleece blanket designs, your pawed friend will always be with you. Winter nights have never been so warm with polar blankets with animal figures and special portrait designs, which we have designed and produced for you using digital printing technique in three dimensions.

The fact that it is specially prepared for you and that it carries your pet on it makes the fleece blanket designs even more attractive. If you also like what is special for you and prefer to use it, you are at the right place. We recommend you to tour our Pet Canvas site, which is now one of the most popular sites as a gift idea.

Each of Pet Canvas personalized portrait designed products is for you. Because it’s made just for you! We are waiting for you on our page without wasting time and we look forward to preparing the most beautiful products with your pet. J

Choose Pet Canvas to be happy too!