Step One

Select a product

Choose one of the portrait designs in our collections that we have prepared for both our female and male friends, which you think best suits your cute puppy's character.

Then you can look at the attributes of the product, its size, etc. Upload a high-resolution photo of your pet at eye level to the required area.

Note: You don't need a camera worth thousands of dollars, the photos you take with your mobile phone will be enough for us 🙂


Step Two

Deciding a portrait style

Our designers will work EXCLUSIVELY on the portrait style you request, together with the photo you send, with fine workmanship.

Before your order is printed on the canvas or the product you choose, it is designed completely digitally using graphic tablets; It will be prepared by making use of a number of special design techniques suitable for the nature of the work, photo retouching, and design programs such as Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom. After your design is prepared, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when creating an order from the address to get your prepress approval. If there are places where you want changes in your design, your design will be revised and presented to you again in line with these requests.

After you approve your design, it will be processed for printing.

Note: If we do not reply to our presentation e-mail within 3 days (72 hours), it will be sent directly to the printing press, assuming you have approved your design. For this reason, please do not forget to check your Spam folder for the e-mail from us.

Step Three

Special design process

We send the specially designed digital design according to your order to be printed in accordance with the product size you choose.

• After the printing phase is over, we pack it carefully to avoid any damage during the shipping process and send it to your home with free shipping all over Turkey.

• After your package is delivered to the cargo, the system will automatically send you a notification message containing your cargo tracking number to your registered e-mail address.

A little suggestion; If you are going to give our product as a gift to someone you love, get your phone ready because you might want to videotape your first reaction 🙂