Trade Name :   PetCanvas Art

  (Referred to as Petcanvas in the contract)

Address : İSTANBUL
Phone : 
Fax :
E-mail address : info@petcanvas.art

Trade Registry Number: 299394-5

Mersis No : 4784868306400001

Tax Office: SARIYER

Tax No: 4610615410

Customer service :

Product return address: The company written on the delivery note of the delivered product and the address of this company

(For complaints, objections and withdrawal notifications, the above contact information can be used, as well as the “message to destination” and “direct message” sections available at petcanvas.art .)  


Name / Title: (In the contract, it will be referred to as the BUYER for short)
Delivery Address:
IP address:


It is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Distance Contracts with regard to the sale, payment and delivery of the product, the features and sale price of which are specified in this text, of which the buyer places an electronic order on the petcanvas.art/ website belonging to the seller .


4.1.    The name, basic features, type and type, quantity, brand and model, color, taxes and shipping cost (as pieces x unit price) of the products subject to the contract are as stated in this text. There will be no other additions to these fees. Interest and fees that will arise if the buyer takes advantage of the installment opportunities provided by the credit card have nothing to do with the product price and Petcanvas.



4.2.    Detailed information can be found at petcanvas.art/  .


The prices stated are valid until the contract is executed or terminated by the parties.


6.1.    Payment will be made by credit card and money order/eft at the stage of order.

6.2.    The order process is deemed to be completed after the payment is made. The order will be sent with the contracted cargo company as soon as possible after the payment process is completed.

6.3.    The seller is responsible for the delivery of the contracted product in good condition, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any.

6.4.    If the Buyer is not present at the time of delivery, Petcanvas will be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation. For this reason, all kinds of damages arising from the late delivery of the product by the Buyer and the expenses incurred due to the product waiting in the cargo company and/or the return of the cargo to Petcanvas belong to the Buyer. 

6.5.    Likewise, if the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to another person/organization from the Buyer, Petcanvas cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery.

6.6.    Delivery will be made within the framework of the following information.

6.6.1.      Delivery address :

6.6.2.      Person to be delivered:

6.6.3.      Billing address :


7.1.    The buyer accepts that he will assemble the product he has purchased -if necessary- and that he will be responsible for this damage if the product is damaged during this assembly.

7.2.    In case of failure of the contracted products (after the expiry of the right of withdrawal) or the emergence of obvious or hidden defects in the product, the products will be sent to the authorized services.


8.1.  The buyer can refuse to buy the product, without any legal and penal responsibility, without giving any reason and without paying any penal clause,    within 3 days  (within the framework of the EXCEPTIONS STATED BELOW) from the delivery of the product subject to the contract to the address specified, and can return the products he has purchased and get the price paid.

8.2.    Petcanvas undertakes that if the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal, he will not ask for any payment under any name or submit any document that puts him under debt in return for the product subject to the contract within the withdrawal period, and will return the product price within 3 days at the latest from the date of the withdrawal notification and the product’s receipt.

8.3.    Withdrawal and return notice, within this period; It will be sent to info@petcanvas.art e-mail address.

8.4.    The buyer has to send the products to be returned within 3 days from the date on which he/she has notified that he/she has exercised his/her right to return the product, to the COMPANY AND THE ADDRESS WRITTEN ON THE SHIPMENT SHIPMENT sent to him/her with the products.

8.5.    Products can be returned/sent free of charge with the cargo company to which the products were sent to the consumer. If another shipping company is preferred, the shipping fee is borne by the buyer. Sending the products directly to the address written on the delivery note within 3 days also means a notice of withdrawal.

8.6.    No refund will be made until the product is returned.

8.7.    In case the right of withdrawal is exercised, in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law No. 395, the relevant sections in the invoice sent to the buyer and the product return form must be filled in completely and sent to Petcanvas (with the products) after signing. However, since the buyer does not pay VAT in TRNC and abroad orders, he is obliged to pay the taxes of the products they have received at the customs.

8.8.    In order for the return transactions to be carried out in a healthy, trouble-free and timely manner, the buyer is obliged to inform the tracking number along with the withdrawal notification and return requests. Petcanvas is not responsible for delays and disruptions in return transactions without a tracking number.

8.9.    Returned items must be sent with the gift, all accessories and original packaging, if any.


9.1.    In TRNC and overseas orders, buyers do not have the right of withdrawal for products that are not received from customs in any way.

9.2.    It is not possible to return products that deteriorate quickly or that have passed their expiration date and are likely to expire. 

9.3.    The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for products damaged by the buyer’s fault while in the buyer’s possession.

 9.3.1 For product return transactions, the conditions specified in the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer are applied. The consumer  cannot use the right of withdrawal for the products that are produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the  consumer  or that have been personalized by  making   changes or additions   .

9.4.    The use of the right of withdrawal in the following products is subject to the condition that the package of the product is unopened and the package is intact. 

9.4.1.      Products that cannot be returned due to their nature (products such as headphones, thermometers, swimwear, bikinis, underwear that may pose a health hazard after opening and require one-to-one contact with the body during use)

9.4.3.      All kinds of software and programs DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes

9.4.4.      Portable computers and desktop computers (No refunds will be made after the operating system is installed.)

9.4.5.      Computer and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, ribbon etc.)

9.4.6.      All kinds of cosmetics and personal care products

9.4.7.      Phone top up orders

9.5.    In the event that the products within the scope of the right of withdrawal exceptions are returned, if it is determined that the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package of the products reaching Petcanvas units have been opened, the costs of the products in this situation are returned by deducting from the total product price. If there is no other product, no refund will be made and the product will be sent back to the buyer.

9.6.    Whether the products that reach the Petcanvas units are missing, whether they are suitable for the invoice or form sent with the products, and the status of the received products are determined in a report at the stage of opening the cargo packages. Return and payment conditions are determined according to this report.

9.7.    In case the buyer uses his right of withdrawal and product return, the returned product that reaches Petcanvas together with the invoice issued as stated above is considered a valid return if it meets the legislation and the conditions specified in this contract. In this case, Petcanvas will return the total price it has received within 3 days at the latest, without incurring any cost to the buyer.

9.8.    In cases where the product price is paid by credit card, the refund is also made to the credit card. This refund is made as in the payment of the product price (in the same amount and in installments). The reflection period of this refund on credit card accounts is at the disposal of the relevant bank.

9.9.    Detailed information and documents regarding the return can  be accessed from the petcanvas.art  website and downloaded to the recipient’s computer.


10.1.      Buyer, personal data shared with Petcanvas; Providing the products and services offered by Petcanvas and its suppliers within the determined legal framework, and Petcanvas and its suppliers fulfilling their contractual and legal responsibilities completely and accurately, ensuring the legal and commercial security of the buyer, customizing the products and services offered according to the buyer’s tastes, habits and needs, Petcanvas, in order to increase the service quality offered to the buyer, to determine and implement Petcanvas’ commercial and business strategies, and to specify human resources policies. You accept that you know that it is collected/will be collected, processed/processed verbally, automatically or non-automatically, through the website at petcanvas.art/  or through its call center or suppliers, within the conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. , declares and consents.

10.2.      On the other hand, the buyer, the personal data collected within Petcanvas, for the purposes specified in the above article, with Petcanvas ‘ business partners, suppliers, Petcanvas ‘ group companies, legally authorized public institutions and private persons, in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. accepts, declares and agrees that it knows that it is / can be shared under these conditions.

10.3.      Finally, the recipient is to learn whether his personal data is being processed and request information on this matter, to know/learn the purpose of this matter and with whom his data is shared, to make corrections to his personal data, most importantly, TO DELETE AND DESTROY THE PERSONAL DATA (INCLUDING SHARED UNITS) and He/she accepts and declares that he/she knows that he/she has the right to demand the compensation of the damage in case of loss due to the unlawful processing of personal data, and that he/she knows that his/her request will be finalized within 30 days at the latest, IF he/she transmits all his/her statements and requests on this matter BY ONE OF THE COMMUNICATION MEASURES WRITTEN IN THIS DOCUMENT.


11.1.                    Preliminary information, sales contract, additional information made in accordance with Article 6.2.a of the Regulation and the invoice for the products are a whole and are parts of the sales transaction.

11.2.                    In this context, the buyer declares on the petcanvas.art website that he has read and learned the preliminary information about the basic characteristics, sales price, payment method and delivery of the product subject to the contract and has given the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.

11.3.                    Petcanvas may meet its contractual performance obligation with a different product of equal quality and price, by informing the buyer before it expires and by obtaining his explicit approval.

11.4. Petcanvas cannot be held responsible for                    the late delivery of the product to the buyer by the cargo company  .

11.5.                    In the event that the collection made from the credit card is not paid to Petcanvas or is canceled for any reason, Petcanvas is not obliged to deliver the product, and if the product has been delivered, the buyer has to return the product to Petcanvas within 3 days . In this case, the shipping costs belong to the buyer.

11.6. If the collection made from the credit card is not paid to Petcanvas                    for any reason or the payment is canceled, Petcanvas is not obliged to deliver the product, and if the product has been delivered, the buyer has to return the product to Petcanvas within 3 days .

11.7.                    Petcanvas is obliged to notify the buyer of the situation if, for any reason, it cannot deliver the product subject to the contract within the period. In this case, the buyer may request the cancellation of the order, the replacement of the product with its precedent, if any, or the postponement of the delivery. In case of cancellation, the product price is returned to the buyer within 10 working days.

11.8.                    The Buyer declares that the information given during the establishment of the contract is correct, that he is competent to place an order/contract and that there are no deficiencies in his statements.

11.9.      If the buyer finds that the cargo package or products are damaged when the products arrive, he must not receive the cargo package and keep a record and return the package to the officer. In cases where the cargo package is received unconditionally, unconditionally and without objection, the cargo and the products are considered to be delivered intact.

11.10.  Buyer with this contract; Before this contract, you should inform us that you have read, examined and been informed about the basic features of the product subject to the contract on the petcanvas.art website, as well as the address to be given to the buyer by Petcanvas, the basic features of the ordered products, the price of the products including taxes, payment and delivery. declares that the information is also given accurately and completely, that he is informed about these issues and that he gives the necessary confirmation regarding these issues in electronic environment.


12.1.      Complaints and objections regarding the products and transactions subject to the contract can be made to the e-mail addresses in the form of   info@petcanvas.art  or to the “message to destination” and “direct message” sections at the petcanvas.art address.

12.2.      If the buyer does not receive any results from the objections and complaints before Petcanvas , he will be able to file the Buyer Issues to the Arbitration Committee or the Buyer’s Court in the place where he bought the product or where his residence is located, within the framework of the amounts specified below.

12.3.      The date the contract is concluded is the date written under this contract or the date the transaction is made over the internet.

12.4.      A copy of the contract will be sent to the buyer via e-mail, and the buyer will also be able to access this text on the petcanvas.art website.

Monetary Limit*Arbitration committee to which the consumer residing in the district should applyArbitration committee to which the consumer residing in the city center should apply
In disputes under 2400 TLDistrict consumer arbitration committeeProvincial consumer arbitration committee
In disputes between 2400 TL – 3610 TLProvincial consumer arbitration committeeProvincial consumer arbitration committee

* Valid for 2017.

We accept, declare and undertake that we have given the information specified in this sales contract and that we have agreed in this way.



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